2009 was...

And so the "noughties" passes us by and one should be driven to write something deep, meaningful and poetic about the past decade. I leave that task to better people, and instead muse on where personally the 21st Century has taken me thus far. I have loved and I have lost, I have been inspired and I have seen despair, I have achieved the highest of highs and ultimate victories, and I have been beset by challenges on all sides. And so has everybody else, I think it is called Life.

However, faced with the conundrums and paradoxes of modern day existence, it isn't the obstacles we face but how we face them that truly matters. All in all, I'd say that ten years is a long time , and the past ten years have seen me ultimately be the Man I wanted to be way back in the year 2000. I have a home, a wonderful partner who makes me better every day, an awesome family, a brilliant day job and most importantly the freedom, ability, desire and (luckily) still unlimited enthusiasm for "messing about with cameras and films."

Let's see where the next ten years take us and I hope that anyone reading this acknowledges that although life is short, it is jam packed full of potential. Don't be a spectator, get involved, take part. Ultimate satisfaction, creativity and general force of good (politics basically) doesn't just happen by sitting on the sidelines. So DO whatever it is you want to do. In the past ten year's I have become a film-maker, a home-owner, travelled the world, made a feature film, started on my dream career path, graduated University, jumped out of a plane, went bungee jumping, played on stage, and appeared on the same DVD as Optimus Prime. Those are a few of the many weird and wonderful events of the last ten years that spring to mind, but we all have too many to count. I can't wait to see what craziness lies ahead. Bring it on.

Peace and Love - Colin Warhurst