C100 - Not aimed at Broadcasters? That's fine...

Yesterday, Canon announced details of the new C100 Camera; a "baby brother" to the well received C300 camera which was released earlier this year.
After a quick discussion in work with some colleagues, I thought I’d pen some more thoughts on this camera, as I find myself straddling two worlds when it comes to camera Technology. The first; what does it mean for Broadcasters? The second; what does it mean for everyone else? Working in Broadcast, it is easy to sometimes think of it as the only fish in the pond.

And so, with my Broadcast/BBC hat on, this camera does not seem to have much potential in for Broadcasters, as these types of jobs would require using either larger or smaller 'large sensor-esque’ camera depending on the requirements. The C100 seems to fall in the middle of DSLRs and larger 50mbps capable cameras such as the C300; so it “does not” have any use or advantages over the existing cameras in the market place that broadcasters are using.
However, with my NON-BROADCAST/BBC hat on, this is a potentially very important camera.
Having shot with the 5DMKII in my own time exclusively for two years, I still adore it and would not trade it in for the world. BUT it has huge problems with Moiré, sound and all the usual known DSLR foibles.
Having had the pleasure of using a C300 in work once or twice, it is simply a world of difference being back behind proper camera controls, not having to worry about moiré, having 100% confidence in the sound, and particular to the C300, having some absolutely insanely acceptable ISO for shooting in low light.
In short, using a C300 to shoot large sensor video just "feels" right in almost every way when compared to using a DSLR. And it should, it's designed for that purpose. They are also incredibly attractive for independent film-makers, as shooting video with DSLRs always, always has a small risk of the footage not coming out right. You run the risk of ruining the job (and your reputation) for the client you are working, precisely because you are relying on what is essentially a hacked piece of kit.
Using the right tool for the right job is what you are paying for when you switch "back" from DSLRs to a large sensor camcorder. Can you put a value on that? Apparently so, a couple of £k. If I was given the choice of a C300 or a 5DMKII before a paid corporate shoot, where I am being paid to deliver to something right first time? I'd go for the C300 every time without hesitation. Working on my own material? I'll stick to my 5D.
For 40% less than the cost of a C300, if as a web, indie or corporate film-maker I can get such control and still utilise 80% of my DSLR accessories, then I am interested. And so will thousands of other people who do not have deliverables to broadcasters that necessitate the 50mbps limit; broadcast is not the only game in town any more.
Shaving £4k off the price tag for virtually the same performance as a C300 can't be seen as anything but attractive; outside of Auntie or other "HD" Broadcasters.