Canon Unveils the new C100 (aka "Baby C300")

I came into work this morning to a shiny new press release from Canon, detailing the announcement of the new C100. Here are the specs;

EOS C100

The new EOS C100 – a compact, versatile interchangeable-lens professional video camera designed for independent videographers. Based on the core performance of the acclaimed EOS C300, the new model combines impressive hardware specifications with a range of new automatic features – making it ideal for professionals who shoot without a crew, or EOS videographers entering the Cinema EOS System for the first time.

Key Headlines:

 • 8.3MP Super 35mm CMOS sensor; Full HD
 • High sensitivity, low noise
 • 24Mbps AVCHD to SD cards
 • Automatic shooting functions
 • Canon Log Gamma

Canon have asked politely for nobody to replicate the pictures on their website;
so this is a blurry and arty shot of a C300.
To see the real C100, hit this link to the press release

I've got no idea on cost yet, but the C300 stills retails for around £7000 - £8000 body only in the UK. Will this be half that price, three quarters? Who knows; but the sensor being "Super 35mm" is certainly very reassuring for full-sensor 5DmkII fans like myself.

Plus, if the low light ISO performance of the C100 behaves like its bigger brother on the C300 then I am already sold. The ISO on the C300 in low light is a thing of beauty, and performs much better than the video mode on the 5DMKII (though of course this camera is still King for low light stills). I haven't tested the 5DMKIII in low light video, and I've only just started some very promising tests with 5DMKII using the new Magic Lantern, so I'm not sure on how it would fare in comparison. However, if this C100 performs as the C300 ISO wise right out of the box then wow, we are in for a treat.

The only downside? The 24Mbps is still going to upset those folks who want the golden 50Mbps standard accepted as Broadcast HD, which many other cameras offer. In fairness, the 50 Mbps cameras are often much pricier and so you are getting what you pay for here. However, the press release does infer the ability to record out to an external recorder such as an Atomos Ninja or Nanoflash.

Is this enough to make me swap out my 5DmKII? Well, not quite yet, as the price hike would still be significant. But the idea of moiré free, low light and on board sound to cheap SD cards is certainly a very appealing scenario. I am excited!


Canon C100 Press Release