SAN FRANCISCO - 2012/11/02 - Day One

Arrival into San Francisco fairly late, and so there are no decent photographs of our arrival!

We got into a crowded minicab and had a drive through the City centre as the other passengers were dropped at their hotels. We were staying on Van Ness Avenue, on the corner of Union Street. This area was a little further North and closer to Fishermans Wharf.

Still, even though we had been awake for 24 hours in getting here, we still found time for a pint. They had Boddingtons on tap, and so to re-create what I did in NYC in 2007, I made it my first pint of the trip. Hazel and I quickly followed with an American wheat beer (Blue Moon I think?) complete with a slice of orange. After this, the Z's finally caught up with us and we went to bed to rest up ready for our adventure!