Coming Soon : Black Lights "For You"

Well, after last year's full on 3 music video package, I thought that the next time I would work with the amazing BLACK LIGHTS that everyone would agree on something a little easier, low key, and a little quicker. Yeah right...

The band got in touch late Dec 2012 and commissioned me (via Grey Tiger Media. Did I not mention that my Bro and I now run a proper Video/Film business? Not sure if I did, but yeah, check it out) to make a story based video for them.

The band had seen what we did last year with the Demons video for their mates (and ours) The Words, (Demons was recently used by Lenovo to promote their latest super-tablet, have a ganders here) and so they too entrusted us to come with an engaging story idea or two... We came up with more than that, and set ourselves for a fairly epic shoot in a very short amount of time. I do like to make work for myself! All will make sense when you see the final result (or do I mean 'results'....? Ssssh!)

I can't give the game away (spoilers sweetie) but shooting has now wrapped and we had to whet your appetites somehow, lest you thought we were just being quiet in 2013. Not so; it's pretty full on, and we wouldn't have it any other way (so get your film and music video requests in thick and fast folks).

So, not being able to reveal too much about the new video other than it's title "For You" you'll have to settle for some behind the scenes snaps from one of the shoots. The video is coming soon...

Thanks to all the folks who've made it possible so far. The amazing Laura Pye, Emma at Atlas Bar Manchester, Chris Henniker at Black Arm and of course, our kid Dan Warhurst. x

PS - Yes, that is a DSLR Devices crane you can see. It's our new favourite toy.