Ah yes. You read correctly. We are making a sequel to the first ever feature film we made, Mancattan, and the working title is (unsurprisingly) MANCATTAN II.

Presently, Hazel Earle and I are currently in New York City itself. Although we were planning not to make a film of any sort, and to just enjoy this holiday instead of working, the urge to make a film whilst being in New York was simply too much.

Realistically, we shouldn't be doing this. Obviously, we had a huge challenge ahead of us. The previous film was of it's age in a Technology sense, and in terms of where we were in our lives when it was written. I'm still incredibly proud of Mancattan, but as a film it came at a Timey Wimey Wibbly Wobbly point in my career, i.e. at the start, before I had learned 'my craft'.

In the time since Mancattan premiered 2009, I've worked with some amazing film makers, actors, writers, producers and camera folk. The level of maturity and experience brought about from making Karma, Bog Standard, The Watcher, being involved with Filmonik and making many, many music videos as part of Grey Tiger Media on HD-DSLR means that poor old "Mancattan 1" was never able to stand up to my later work.

Long and short of it all is that I wanted to make something in New York this time around, with this extra experience, and do NYC justice. So, this is something Hazel and I are rectifying right NOW, in New York City. "But how?" I hear you ask?

Facts on the ground are that, of course, this time round only Hazel and myself are in NYC. We are the cast and crew. So the script for this feature film had to factor in this incredibly limiting circumstance, and yet not damage the story in any way. We also had to create a plausible reason as to why the characters Hazel and I played in Mancattan (Col & Rach) are now thrown into each other's paths in Manhattan, without the other characters we saw in the original movie being present...

Of course, we're not going to tell you how we've done this (spoilers sweetie) but we can say that it is a real curve ball, but one that is real, plausible and makes perfect sense when you consider how these characters were left at the end of the first film. I can also let on that this film stays mostly clear of all things Woody Allen; for reasons that will make sense as the plot unfolds, both to the characters (Col in particular) and to the new direction the sequel will take in order to distinguish itself from the style of the first film. So instead of Woody references, this one may feature a bit of NYC themed fan worship around the theme of people who have great power, and therefore great responsibility...

Once upon a time, we would have announced something like this in advance of the trip, but we were unsure as to whether we would be filming anything at all, right up until the last minute. This should be a holiday for Hazel and myself. But the urge to do a clean-take of a Mancattan-style film was just too tempting to resist. So, from Hazel and myself, here's hoping you find this news about the sequel in good, if surprising, spirits. We'll see you in a few days, once we're back from NYC, and the Manchester sequences of Mancattan II will begin in earnest.

Love, Captain Col & Colonel Earle