So, I made a Transformers thing...

It's a work in progress. A J3S Timeline made using;

  • A lot of time 'parsing' data from into a structured format
  • A Google Docs Spreadsheet
  • The brilliant software which automates said spreadsheet, brought to you by
What happens next? Well, a few things... But they boil down to two main strands of work though in parallel.

  • Continuing to experiment with visualising the data and improving how the timeline works (maybe using JSON instead of a spreadsheet, once I work out what that is and how to use it!)
  • Improving the dataset; this may mean some sort of Transformers Community effort, lots of people working on cleaning up the data, getting more accurate views of the years/months/days when events are set etc.
Early days, and a project of mine that is NOT film related... So I expect progress to be slow! But here it is...