The Warhurst Wedding - Movie

The Warhurst Wedding Movie

Yes, the film is finally unveiled three years after the wedding itself. In fairness, this lengthy time spent in post-production isn't just down to the epic scale contained herein, nor my meticulous attention to detail, but also because we were busy with our daughter, Robyn-Hope, who arrived nine months after the wedding...

Between Robyn duties, moving home in 2016, and wanting to present this film with the best sound, colour-grade and music possible, to ensure that the film showcased the "us" part of our big day in the best way, a tremendous amount of time passed. I sincerely hope that it has been worth the wait.

The full movie is above, and is best enjoyed on a big screen. The individual chapters will appear below, should you want to jump ahead to a particular part of the big day itself. Try to spot yourselves!

Editing this movie has kept our wedding day alive in my memory. The fog of time has not been allowed to creep in. Through this film, the sheer amount of happiness, contentment and excitement I have felt since that that day can be summoned instantly, teleported from the past, whenever I watch or recall one of the scenes herein. This is no small part due to my amazing Wife, Hazel herself, but also due to everyone who attended our big day, and who came along to help us make such an amazing event at the start of our new voyage.

Thanks for being a part of the adventure. For one night only, you were "All The Warhursts - Goo Goo Ga Choo."

I really do hope you enjoy The Movie.

CW xxx