Drone flight over Reddish Vale - 19/12/19

As a kid, I distinctly remember really wanting to be able to fly. I fact, I remember at about five years old having one particularly angry afternoon, spent furiously cursing the universe and my crude understandings of it, as to why I simply couldn’t perform a Peter Pan and levitate on command and by invoking my “happy thoughts.”

I’m sure most of us have a version of this, where the child in us starts to realise the World can be drastically unfair when it meets your imagination. Fortunately, we all know ways to hack our way around these things, and to somehow recreate our original childhood aspirations. In the Earth year 2019, and thanks to my Nana Bronwyn, I invested in a Drone - and as a result, I CAN FLY!

The film below is the result of my second flight (I had done a test flight first of course) and with a lot of help from my daughter, Robyn. Top tip: always have a good co-pilot and a spotter! Reddish Vale is on our doorstep, and the bridge provides for a great focal point and obstacle to fly around. I’m sure I’ll be back here more than once to try and capture more of The Vale and it’s surrounding views of Denton, Reddish and Stockport.
191208_Reddish Vale from Colin Warhurst on Vimeo