The day job sees me working in the totally awesome Blue Room, part of BBC Research & Development. There I discuss, lecture, analyse, demonstrate and educate on all things Consumer Tech related. They even occasionally let me loose making films and Podcasts. It's my job to teach people about the latest developments in VOD, VR, 360, UHD and more... I'm sure it won't be long until I'll be looking into Time-Travel yesterday.


Colin Warhurst: Strategy Manager, Blue Room, BBC R&D

Colin Warhurst is a highly experienced and multi-skilled creative technologist with a strong background in broadcast, business analysis, data visualisation, and filmmaking. First joining the BBC in 2005, Colin has extensive knowledge and experience in the media industry and has made significant contributions to a wide variety of teams and projects throughout his long career with the corporation.

Currently working as the Strategy Manager in BBC Research & Development's Blue Room, Colin brings a wealth of expertise to the table, drawing from his multidisciplinary background. He excels at simplifying complex technical concepts into understandable narratives, facilitating a better understanding of emerging technologies and their potential impact on public service, businesses, and wider society. Colin's role in the Blue Room showcases his ability to bridge the gap between technology and people through insightful analysis and compelling storytelling.

Colin regularly presents to colleagues from across the BBC as a senior technology expert, delivering interactive sessions from BBC R&D’s specialist Blue Room demonstration facilities. Moreover, he has utilised his storytelling and presenting skills to deliver technology insights to industry and government stakeholders, including MPs and Lords at the Houses of Parliament and standards bodies like the EBU. Colin has also served as a public speaker and keynote lecturer at prestigious events such as the Edinburgh TV Festival, Deloitte's TMT Predictions and Digital City events, Prolific North, the RTS, and the Trusted News Initiative’s Trust In News Conference.

In addition to his strategic and speaking roles, Colin is an accomplished on-camera presenter, having made guest appearances on the BBC's Technology podcasts Tech Tent and 2LO Rebooted, as well as IBC's Tech Expert series. He has also created, produced, and presented 'Blue Room Reacts' for the BBC. Colin is a skilled writer and has co-authored several consumer electronics deep-dive reports on behalf of the BBC, covering technology events worldwide, including Photokina, IFA, and CES.

Before joining the Blue Room, Colin worked as a Business Analyst, Camera Trainer, and Camera Technician. His extensive broadcast experience encompasses a range of projects both within the BBC and the wider industry. He has played a key role in change projects, facilitating the adoption of technologies such as Ultra-High Definition, AS-11, Automated Quality Control, File-Based Delivery, and tapeless acquisition. Colin has also worked with cutting-edge technologies like Machine Learning video analysis, data tracking and privacy, and personal data stores.

Outside of his professional endeavours, Colin is an accomplished filmmaker with many years of experience. His filmmaking skills complement his work in BBC Research and Development, enabling him to effectively communicate complex ideas in engaging and relatable ways. Colin's passion for visual storytelling, combined with his commitment to continuous learning, led him to pursue and achieve a Level 4 Distinction Grade as a Data Analyst, showcasing his expertise in data analysis and visualisation.

Colin continues to apply his abilities and experiences in the Blue Room, continually deriving insights from the ever-changing worlds of consumer, broadcast, and emerging technologies. Through his work, he ensures that stakeholders at all levels understand the impact of these technologies, helping to inform strategic decision-making.


As a film-maker, I've been making music videos and films since 2002, for a time working alongside my brother Daniel Warhurst under the title of Grey Tiger Media... I have worked as a Producer, Camera Operator, Editor, Writer and Director. More often than not, I've done more than one of these roles at once on any particular project!

My projects include too many music videos to list here, three entries into the London Sci-Fi 48 Hour Challenge, the independent feature film MANCATTAN and the infamous short BOG STANDARD, which premiered in a toilet... I have also directed WATERLOO ROAD web-films for BBC OUTREACH and was Director Of Photography on THE WATCHER