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CES 2019

This January, the BBC Blue Room sent me out as one half of a dynamic duo tasked with reporting on the world's largest consumer electronics trade fair - CES. Held each January in Las Vegas, CES sees technology companies and press from across the globe gather to witness the latest and greatest inventions and innovations.

The BBC Blue Room's job is not to write up articles for use on the BBC's press pages, instead we gather information and contacts that will help us provide insight to the BBC about the direction consumer and emerging technologies are going in. In short, what tech is going to affect the BBC, its competitors, or its audiences?

It is always a tremendous privilege and a hefty responsibility going to trade shows and producing all the words, images and insights needed to make sure the BBC gets the inside track on what really is going on with tech. The intelligence we gathered at CES is meant for an internal audience, so I can only provide a tech summary and some qu…

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