IBC365 Tech Expert

Way back in December, I was nominated by a BBC colleague to present a video on all things UHD. The film was commissioned by IBC365, the multimedia brand and knowledge base that spins out of the internationally renowned IBC Broadcast Technology trade show and conference.

IBC 365 commissioned a series of short films, in which various industry and technology experts have a go at explaining various areas of broadcast related tech, in a fairly introductory sort of way. Though IBC365 is aimed primarily at television industry folk, there are still many of us that are not necessarily up to date on, or have not been properly introduced to, some of the latest emerging technologies.

Always willing to do more on camera presenting, especially if it's on "home turf" with a topic such as UHD, I made the trip to London's Cherryduck Studios to meet the IBC365 crew.

I had great fun, and am particularly proud of this video, because the format was that of a "chalkboard video" - a term I hadn't heard until I was being briefed about the shoot. The idea is that you talk and draw at the same time, evoking a school teacher and chalkboard sort of idea. The magic comes from the fact that the "chalkboard" is actually glass, through which the camera films. The advantage of drawing in glass means that the presenter can have aids or auto cues in their vision if they need them.

Having talked about UHD at the BBC Blue Room for a number of years now (and with a similar BBC Academy UHD film under my belt) I'm proud to say I bypassed the need for an autocue and managed to do this all in one take! Yes, yes, a humblebrag I know, but nevertheless, I was fairly pleased with how it all came out.

I'm hoping this leads to more work, and that the relaxed, natural and conversational style (developed by working in the BBC Blue Room for five years) prompts someone to give me a shot at more work like this. There's a lot to be said about slowing down, and breaking the jargon into smaller pieces, and bringing everyone along on the journey.

If you want to see the video in full (if only to help you with your next TV purchase) then you can sign up to IBC365 for free and watch all the Tech Expert videos, including this one, at the link below;

Thanks again to Andy Quested for the nomination, John Maxwell Hobbs for the production, the Cherryduck crew for making it a relaxing and easy shoot, and IBC365 for the opportunity.

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