Qualified L4 Data Analyst: Distinction Grade

I am pleased to share the latest achievement in a much larger Data Journey. As well as working with Antony O'Hanlon on the Football Art business, Sixty Seconds Prints, I have for several months also been working on an apprenticeship, sponsored through work. I am now able to announce that I have passed my Level 4 Data Analyst Qualification, with a 'Distinction' Grade.

Colin Warhurst: Qualified L4 Data Analyst

My Data Analyst Apprenticeship program was taught by Cambridge Spark. They awarded me a Distinction grade that reflects the proficiency I've developed in the realm of data analytics. During the course, I was tasked with completing four substantial on-the-job projects and one 'deep-dive' data exercise using real-world NHS data. Each one of the projects focused on developing and honing specific data-related skills.

The program's curriculum centred around Python programming, emphasising the use of Pandas, Numpy, Seaborn, and matplotlib. This approach enabled me to handle data efficiently, perform in-depth analysis, and create meaningful visualisations. Other data-related skills and knowledge included the areas of SQL, Data-Visualisation, Tableau, Time-Series Analysis and more.

A significant portion of the curriculum focused on data visualisation tools such as Tableau and Power BI. These tools enabled me to present insights in a clear and concise manner, facilitating informed decision-making by stakeholders. It was an early interest in the wider topic of Data-Visualisation, after seeing the famous 'Data Is Beautiful' TED Talk from Dave McCandless in 2010, that sparked my overall interest in all things Data.

Some of the projects and exercises completed during this course include;

Blue Room Dashboard Upgrade

In 2021, I re-architected the team's data systems, providing increased automation and accountability. The dashboard informs targeting and editorial decisions, significantly improving impact and reach. Built with Tableau and Python.

Rise of The Splinternets

Sourcing and enriching international journalistic data, transformed into maps that quickly and effectively reveal the growth and insights of "nationalised internets" around the world. Part of our wider "Digital Identities" season, and featured as part of the international Trust In News event in 2022, which you can watch here

Tableau Map used for exploring the concept of global 'Splinterents'

NHS Data Interrogation

Final assignment: open, analyse, and provide actionable  insight from 6x separate NHS sources and over 16 million lines of data. Time bound assignment, completed using Jupyter Notebooks, Python, Pandas and Plotly Express.

Exam project using real-life NHS Data - analysing 16 million lines of data!

Low Carbon Content - Radio GFX

Blue Room working theory that newer TVs use less power with darker graphics. Data & dashboard successfully tested hypothesis and influenced iPlayer stakeholders to alter current TV-Radio graphics. Significant potential carbon savings. The end results and a detailed write-up of this project can be found on the official BBC R&D Blog

My Tableau Data-Visualisation that helped persuaded the BBC
to change it's Radio Graphics to new energy saving versions

Sixty Seconds Prints:

Okay, technically not part of the course, but the Python skills that I was learning on this course that allowed me to code in the evenings and to work with Antony bringing our Football Data-Art vision to life. If it wasn't for this course, Sixty Seconds Prints wouldn't have been able to spin up as quickly as it did.

An image of two data-viz artworks, depicting football games as two time-based circles showcasing when goals are scored
Sixty Seconds Prints - The Beautiful Game as Beautiful Art

I am grateful for the support provided by mentors and colleagues throughout this journey. The guidance from Cambridge Spark's many tutors, and specifically my mentors Miran Mistry and Krutika Bhagwagar Patel, proved invaluable in navigating the complexities of the curriculum. I also have to thank my Blue Room Manager, Richard Robbins, who fully embraced the on-the-job nature of the time commitment and work involved.

To conclude, I am so grateful for the BBC, the Blue Room, and everyone at Cambridge Spark for empowering and enabling me to complete this course, with a completely unexpected 'Distinction' grade. I am very proud and humbled to be supported by so many people. I can't wait to see where my Data Journey will lead next.