Blue Room Reacts... Episode #004


Well hello there! It's that time again when we are pleased to announce another episode of our very own show! Blue Room reacts is where we and our guests discuss and play with the most interesting apps or technologies currently affecting audiences. In this episode, we have dived into TikTok, the seemingly unstoppable short-form content mobile app that has taken the world by storm - particularly under lockdown circumstances.

The Blue Room's James Hand, Suraiyya Samiya, and Colin Warhurst (oh, that's me!)

Speaking of lockdown, this is our second lockdown-edition, which means that presenter Colin Warhurst is once again joined remotely by his special guests of the week. To help him explore TikTok, he is joined by the Blue Room's own James Hand and Suraiyya Samiya. Together, the three of them explore the app by becoming TikTokkers for themselves...

(Blue Room Reacts is made for the BBC, and so only available to members of staff... or those with the Blue Room password below)