How I helped reduce the UK’s (radio) carbon footprint

Finally able to shout about this sustainability win! Did you notice that the BBC 'radio on telly' graphics changed earlier this year? Why? TO SAVE YOU ENERGY! Read on to find out how I used a little bit of data, to save a lot of energy...

Modern TVs have dimming features that can be taken advantage of, by content makers, to reduce power in a TV set. Darker images require less light, and therefore less energy. By making "Lower Carbon Graphics" you can promote energy savings in many modern TVs.

Even if you do this by a small fraction, the scale (i.e. All UK TV households) means that the carbon savings add up to colossal amounts, quite quickly. For example, there are 58 MILLION hours of DTV (radio on telly) listened to each year. On average, we think we've achieved a 49% saving across all the BBC radio stations. So 49% across 58 Million hours... The maths are hard to quantify exactly, but I think it's fair to say A HUGE SAVING.

The full details are here on the BBC R&D Blog. If you read more, and work in content, graphics, UX, Radio, signage or anything related, and you want to know more, then please do reach out. We want to promote Lower Carbon Graphics () as a quick and easy way to gain some sustainability wins at scale.
Please also share with any potential colleagues or contacts working in these areas. Thanks!