Sixty Seconds Prints is Live!

Our new data-driven art venture, is live! I know… of all people who’d that you thought would ever have a football orientated fine art business, it's fair to assume that your bets would not have been on me. Yet, great artwork speaks for itself.

One of our fine-art prints, on display 

  My old pal (and original Stuck In a Box Studios mucker) Antony O'Hanlon has created a stunning graphical ruleset, a visual shorthand that can be used to describe the highs and lows of any football match. He first showed me these designs many years ago, and I thought then that these would work well as 'data driven' pieces of art. However, I didn't know how to code then - but I do now!

After embarking on a Level 4 Data Analyst Apprenticeship, I began learning the basics of Python and Pandas. After many hours of coding, I was finally able to roll out a spreadsheet-to-artwork piece of code, that renders any match of the beautiful game into a stunning piece of design. It’s been my privilege to join Antony on this journey, to help launch a fully fledged business and website.

A closer view of how our graphical timeline prints work

The designs look amazing and the final products feel fantastic. Each one tells its own story, and allows you to replay the memories of a particular game with your friends and loved ones. They are powerful and bold time-travelling mementos, bringing back the emotion of each match and what it means to you.

This project has been our secret labour of love for the past few months, and why things have been so quiet on all other fronts. We’re putting everything into this, as we believe we have an amazing artistic product. 

We hope you enjoy it too, and will share it with the football fans in your life. This is just the start. Thanks to all the support from friends and family thus far. Game on!

The logo for Sixty Seconds Prints!