As a film-maker, I've been making music videos and films for over fifteen years. I have worked as a Producer, Camera Operator, Editor, Writer and Director. More often than not, I've done more than one of these roles at once on any particular project!

My projects include too many music videos to list here, three entries into the London Sci-Fi 48 Hour Challenge, the independent feature film MANCATTAN and the infamous short BOG STANDARD, which premiered in a toilet... I have also directed WATERLOO ROAD web-films for BBC OUTREACH and was Director Of Photography on THE WATCHER

Alongside my brother, Daniel Warhurst, I also run Grey Tiger Media, which is our website for music video, corporate and photography based work. What remaining time is left after doing all of the above is spent on my own projects and a healthy fascination with Photography, Tech, Travel, Tea and Transforming Robots.

The day job sees me working in the totally awesome BBC Blue Room and Technology Futures Group. There I discuss, lecture, analyse, demonstrate and educate on all things Consumer Tech related. VR, 360, UHD and more... I'm sure it won't be long until I'll be looking at Time-Travel yesterday.