This week, I was a session guitarist for BBC Radio 4

I played guitar in a play for BBC Radio 4. I sentence I never thought that I would type!

Whilst at work (my BBC day job is in cameras) I answered an all-building email looking for guitarists, who were urgently needed that afternoon. I said that I knew a few musicians that I could call, but "if Oasis B-Sides are ok, I can do it." Turns out that the script called for a busker playing Oasis songs! The actor playing the busker could not play guitar - hence the call.

So, a few quick practises of Wonderwall and Some Might Say (in a stairwell) was all the prep I had, before I was wheeled in, did two takes, and wheeled out again. In and out within the hour!

Never a dull day at the BBC.

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Title: Hush Little Baby


By Esther Wilson. An unusual and beguiling play about girl who has stopped speaking to adults. Beth Armson has a condition known as selective mutism and has not spoken to an adult for almost two years. She's now facing a terrible dilemma; in a couple of days' time her family will mark a special day – her beloved brother's 18th birthday. Does this mean the end of Beth's relationship with her brother once he's an adult?

Guitarist Colin Warhurst
Producer/Director Pauline Harris

Unknown: Esther Wilson
Unknown: Beth Armson
Guitarist: Colin Warhurst
Director: Pauline Harris
Beth: Rebecca Ryan
Patrick: Paul Simpson
Louise: Siobhan Finneran
Greg: Kevin Doyle
Spike: Michael Ryan
Mrs McGuire: Jane Hogarth
Kelly: Chloe O'Malley