BBC Waterloo Road Webisodes

I am currently on the road with the BBC Outreach team on an epic and intense adventure across the North West. We have four days to shoot four films that have been written by and star pupils from four schools across the Northwest. We're attempting to re-create the style of Waterloo Road, and to that end Shed (the makers of WR) have leant us their actual script editors for each shoot.

Once these epic, jam packed and incredibly tiring (but highly worthwhile) shooting days are done, I have just three days to edit them.

Four films. Three days.

I applied for this gig a while ago, wanting both the opportunity to work with kids, make films, and to get a BBC Directing credit, finally putting my "non day job" interests and expertise into use for Auntie.

I just have to make sure I deliver the goods! Especially seeing as on Tuesday there is a huge premiere with the cast of Waterloo Road, head of BBC North, head of BBC Drama, the Mayor of Manchester, all the starring school-children and MORE all in attendance.

The pressure is on. Ultimately my experiences on my "hobby" making films, with no/low budgets, at short notice, on tiny timescales and against the odds, is the only thing that is making sure I, representing the BBC, stand a chance of pulling this off. Now I have this chace to prove my worth to the Beeb, I can't blow it.

With that being said, it still pales in comparison to the expectation from all the kids who've written and starred in these films. I can't let them down, and want to deliver high quality, dramatic films that they deserve.

Day two, I'm knackered, exhausted and hungry. But you know what? I love it. Roll on day three.

- Posted (most likely with spelling errors) from my iPhone