Col is interviewed by Top Blog Writer regarding the (sorry) state of British Film

Top blog writer Jane McConnell asked me if I wouldn't mind giving a few words regarding the state of British Film, from an independent slant, now that the relative dust has settled since the closure of the UK Film Council was announced.

I was mightily humbled to be asked, and just hoped I would have something of interest to say, and to not come across as a "bitter film maker from the North." I needn't have worried as Jane has put together a fantastic piece, properly researched (fancy that in this day and age. Did I mention I never read the papers any more? Ever?) and featuring contributions from numerous sources.

If you have come across this UK Film Debate or conversation before, but felt like you didn't want to wade into the middle of a war, then PLEASE START WITH JANE'S ARTICLE. You owe it yourself if you are a fan of film, not just a film-maker. It's a top read and doesn't feature me (or anyone else) ranting. I believe in internet parlance, that is called "Win."