Bog Standard

Hi folks, a year and a month after shooting the film, and after many screenings, events, extra films, and toilet stories, Bog Standard is now finally available for your viewing pleasure online.

You can watch the film here, or even better, over at where you can read all about our partnership with WaterAid, our fundraising efforts, and all the behind the scenes videos we've made on this journey.

Thanks again to everyone involved in this film.

The cast and crew; the best film I have ever made so far in terms of personal satisfaction, dedicated skills, and a huge team effort. You have all really inspired me to go on and build on what we managed to create in two days in an abandoned factory. You all worked incredibly hard those two days and I honestly say they were the most fun I have ever had filming to date; thank you for reminding me why I do this to myself in the first place and for making me want to keep making films.

Steve Balshaw, Simeon Halligan, John Wajowski, The Green Rooms, Filmonik, The BBC Manchester Club, The Zion Centre, and of course The Dancehouse; all of you helped screen and promote our films over the past year and your support has meant loads. We could not and would not have persevered without all of your help along the way.

Anthony and Michael O'Hanlon of Arkid Studios; they were responsible for our hundred's of high quality stills behind the scenes, and all of the promotional photography and design artwork. If you have seen and enjoyed our photos and artwork, or have a film in the works yourselves, please check them out. Tell them I sent you! ;-)

Finally, a very special thanks must go to both Michael Justice and Chris Lane.

Michael has been so much more than just our lead actor. He was there at every pre-production meeting as soon as he was cast, dug in on set lugging gear around and making sure everyone's spirits were kept high, and has continued to push (no pun intended) and promote the film at every event we have held. Not content with having his bottom hanging out for two days of filming, his dedication at the toilet screening saw him stay in character to surprise our unsuspecting audience in each of our 13 screenings. He has been an absolute legend to work with, he is a very committed and giving person as well as an actor, and to be honest you are a fool if you do not consider him for your next film-making project. I have already cast him in my next one... He just doesn't know it yet!

Chris Lane; where do I start? After Mancattan and trying to make Karma virtually solo, it was obvious I needed Help. Medically and Psychologically perhaps, but also in terms of a Producer. Chris and I met at one of Vision and Media's networking events, and we got chatting by virtue of seeming to be the only normal people in the room. He insisted that he loved Paperwork and Producing, and so not missing a trick, I told him I had an idea in the works about a man in a loo. "Don't worry," I said, "It'll be easy and done in under a month..."

Chris has worked literally non-stop on this film and the only reason you know about it and see it where it is now is down to his efforts. Again, if you are making a film and need a Producer, he is the hardest working man I know (and he doesn't even have a job at the moment!) - I couldn't have done it without him and so Chris; I LOVE YOU. No just kidding, I REALLY LOVE YOU. Sorry for being so cantankerous along the way and for locking myself away in various edits leaving you to do the hard work. I know you want me to do that Feature Film thing next year, and we will. Probably. Maybe. I think for now though, we have both earned a wee break.

So, many thanks once again, this has honestly been the longest s*** I have ever had in my life.

Over and out on Bog Standard, Craptain Col. x