2010 was...

...my singing debut, Snow, a music video with Leo Worne and The Words in Ashton, sniffing shoes drunk on Chris Lane's birthday, Mancattan being screened at Nexus at 6am, editing a toilet film called Bog Standard, Mancattan at the Pennine Film Festival, screening Bog Standard inside an actual Toilet, appearing on Granda reports across the region to talk about said Toilet Screening, Hazel's 30th birthday, staying in a caravan 5 miles away from Sellafield, being inside the actual Tardis and meeting the 11th Doctor, worked on my first ever sci-fi film as camera op, upgrade to an iMac i7, decorated my living room, Mancattan screening in Mumbai University India, completing the final chapter of the Metal Gear Solid Saga, Diary Of A Bad Lad puts indie British Film on the Map, taking in a 3 legged cat called Ziggy, almost being killed filming stock cars at Snettorton race track, watching I Am Kloot at 8am in a Mill, my first ever Documentary commission filming in Ireland for three days, the Guiness Factory with the Mega Nick Davies, promoting a Bog Standard on the radio, realising Ziggy has more fans on his blog than I do mine, posing with no underwear on for a photograph promoting Bog Standard, rocking with Cockpit in the titty bar pub, rock climbing with my Bros, filming the mighty Feldspar in some live music sessions, Joe O'Byrne's amazing play The Bench, denying reports that I write Ziggy's blog and that he actually does indeed write it himself, the abolishment of the UK Film Council (Hoorah!), Mancattan goes global and is released online for Free and scores 19,000+ hits, my first Filmonik Kabaret in which my character is brutally killed, some Invisible Bullets, Stan the Gnome/Actor makes his debut, my first ever BBC Drama commission for Waterloo Road's web spinoffs, going on North West tonight and being called a "Director" on Regional TV, interviewed by Jane McConnell as an "expert" on indie film for her top blog, an Epic pub crawl round virtually every Ale pub in Liverpool, surviving the Folk Train with Nat Rees and Mega-Nick, turning 28, firepits, drawing Cocks with sparklers with Len and Hazel II, Ambleside, Arkid Studios, releasing Bog Standard on World Toilet Day to raise money for charity and scoring over 34,000+ hits, my first ever Green Screen appearance, purchasing and learning how to use the Canon 5D MkII camera, filming Motorways, watching our Bog Standard star become the new Lambrini Guy, being the world's worst Quiz Master, filming an epic music video in the old Soapworks Factory for Mike Pettyt and his mates Jeanie In The Radiator, Hazel Tree Productions first ever show with Will's Winter Warmers, the Canon XF-305 is unveiled, Christmas dinner two weeks early, filming an evil comedy music video in the snow with Chris, Paul A, Ben and Scotty, more Snow, and finally singing for the second and last time this year for a Xmas music video.

Chris Lane (Prod: Bog Standard) & Colin Warhurst (Dir/Writer Bog Standard) wish to say
Thank You for making 2010 the "Best Year of Crap" possible.

Not too much all said and done, so roll on 2011; the Year Of The Horse... Peace and love folks. Col x