Behind The Bogs - The Making of 'Bog Standard'

Behind The Bogs - The Making of 'Bog Standard' from Colin Warhurst on Vimeo

Colin Warhurst (Writer/Director) and Chris Lane (Producer) talk here about the making of their first ever joint project, the critically acclaimed short film BOG STANDARD

This film was shot over two days and is set, entirely, in a loo. If that wasn't enough, we also premiered the film... in a loo. All of that stuff and more can be found at our website;

But here is our documentary about the making of the film itself. We see where the idea for the film came from, what happened on location, and what everyone gained from the project.

Colin and Chris go to great lengths here to discuss how to treat your cast and crew when working on a no-budget film. They discuss having a plan for your film from start through to delivery, and the importance of good relationships and honesty throughout the process.

We also get to see what exactly went on inside The Soapworks factory in Salford during the making of this flim, with rooftop adventures, criminal farting and even car crashes.

And you thought this was just a short film about a having a poo? Think again. We hope you enjoy our insight into the making of Bog Standard, and that it inspires you to go out and make movies.