Robots, Real Estate, Rock and Roll

This month may have appeared quiet, but actually there's been plenty of pans in plenty of fires. The first of which being a film that will be presented at this Sunday's Filmonik screening, and a film I should have made many moons ago. I present...

"TRANSFORMERS: IT NEVER ENDS." Beyond Good, Beyond Evil, Beyond your wildest Dreams... I should have made a Transformers film YEARS ago. Better late than never! Though it is true that I achieved a life ambition at age 20 by having my name/face/footage/credit appear on the UK Transformers Series 2 Part 1 DVD Boxset, this is the first time I have authored a film of my own about our favourite Robots In Disguise.

I am incredibly proud of this Epic Galaxy Spanning film, and you can be part of the EXCLUSIVE WORLD PREMIERE if you make it to this Sunday's Filmonik, at Manchester's MadLab, from 7pm.

More exciting news is that we have teamed up with our friends at Arkid Studios, and are working with them as part of our commercial venture, Grey Tiger Media. Based at Vernon Mill in Stockport, we have access to Arkid's full photography studio room, which we will be using as part of our combined latest packages and services. We'll soon be offering head shots and portrait photography, video recordings for audition, monologue or showreel pieces, and even Photo and Video Tuition and Coaching.

Finally, we've been in touch with the amazing Black Lights once again, and we are in Pre-Production for our next exciting music video venture with them. This band are going from strength to strength. If you don't believe me, then check out some of their vids that we have made earlier, or head over to their website and let them make love to your ear canals.

See you Sunday! Transform, and Roll Out!