Crossed The Line - Black Lights, Music Video

Please find the latest collaboration between myself and the amazing Black Lights. This video was shot entirely on location at Eve Studios in Woodley.

The studios themselves are actually part of a grand Victorian house, completely covered from skirt to chandelier in instruments, cabling, artwork, synthesisers, tape recorders and all manner of musical paraphernalia. It was obvious from the word 'go' that we had to make the studio every bit as much a character in this video, as the band themselves.

I am rather proud of the visuals in this particular video; the textures and colours at Eve Studios were gorgeous, and so in the grade I didn't want to push the image and give it any particular artificial 'look'; rather, the trick was in tweaking the footage just so, retaining each individual room's colour palette, whilst getting the best possible results from the original material itself.

The other half of the video captured the band and entourage themselves in candid moments between recordings and takes. The trick with capturing interesting behind the scenes footage is not to stage anything; and we're happy to say that with Black Lights, we didn't need to. They are a cracking bunch of guys, exceptionally talented musicians, and they're not camera shy. I think we manage to convey their personalities as well as their musical craftsmanship in this video.

All of this results in what I hope you will agree is a fast, furious, and belting music video. It's full of energy, incredibly dynamic, and Black Lights have managed (again) to create a tune that DOES NOT grate on the humble editor, even after hearing it 100's of times! I love 'Crossed The Line' and I think it is actually my favourite Black Lights track to date.

Many, many, thanks go out to the crew from Eve Studios, and the film crew, who rose to the challenge and helped keep me on track in what was an incredibly short and jam packed multi-camera shoot. Kudos goes out to Ben Mottershead who acted as my first AD, and to both Neil Law and Adam Field as additional camera operators.

Stay tuned to for all the latest news from the band, and details of the forthcoming 'Crossed The Line' EP and single launch.