Monday 17/03/08



There was no diary entry for what was technically the first day of the trip. I left on 17th March, and arrived in Singapore almost 12 hours later. The flights on this trip count amongst the most gruelling experiences of my life.

I have no fear of heights or flying in particular, but I am slightly claustrophobic, and a terrible sleeper. Singapore Airlines did a fantastic job of keeping us fed and watered, and the in-flight entertainment was state of the art; a personal screen in front of you hooked up to a server on the plane, allowing you to choose from hundreds of films and TV series. A documentary film on New Zealand itself, feature film There Will Be Blood, and a few episodes of Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares saw me through most of the flight.

One upshot of having undertaken these lengthy trips, is that they have made every other flight since seem like child’s play in comparison! I won’t talk more of the various hints, tips and strategies one can adopt for flying long or short haul, I’m sure you have many of your own! And so, finally, onward with the story!

Not my image! But I needed something to set the scene!
Photo credit: Aero Icarus