Photokina 2018: BBC Blue Room Report

This September, the BBC Blue Room sent me out as their resident camera expert to report on Photokina 2018, being held in the beautiful Cologne.

Photokina is the world's largest Photography trade show, and has been running since 1950! I wrote a previous Photokina report for the BBC back in 2016, where I uncovered what was hot or not in the world of photography - this trip allowed me to catch up on those trends and to see what, if anything, had changed.

In a world of super-short content and news-bites, the Blue Room reports (hopefully) show their value in being 'long-read' deeper articles, that really get to grips with what is happening behind the noise, glitz and glamour of a million press releases and shiny new product statements.

Once again, I hope there's something in this report for Pro Photographers, interested Tecchies, or folks who are just vaguely interested in photography... Which should be most of you, considering you carry super-powerful imaging technology in your pockets via your 'smartphone'...

I had a great time attending the event, alongside my colleague Spencer Marsden, who came along to report on the VR & AR Digility Conference being held at the same time. If Immersive Technology is your jam, then his report can be read here.

As ever, there were plenty of pictures too, over at the the BBC Blue Room's Flickr page...

Buckle Up! It's a deep-dive that'll leave you fully clued up on the photography world as of 2018.

Happy reading, Agent Warhurst