San Francisco Day 04

My final day in San Fran started with a lull in the rain, finally! Knowing that I had to get to Oakland airport in the afternoon, I couldn’t plan anything that took me too far away from the apartment, and so I decided to spend the morning around Pier 39.

After Tuesday’s disastrous attempt to take photographs of the Golden Gate Bridge, I decided to have another go, but this time from the safety of a boat! I hope that a few of these pics end up as being worthy for printing a bit larger and mounting on a wall at home. The amount of effort put in to get here, and to try and snap a decent pic of the bridge, surely justifies something being printed!

A spot of lunch at the famous Boudin bakery capped off my solo San Fran adventure. Lessons learned; pack for wet weather, plan for wet weather, and learn to have fun in wet weather!

Thanks San Fran, until next time...