Review: Daisy Goes Green, Dry Bar, 2006

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Daisy Goes Green at Dry Bar - Colin Warhurst (gig: 02/09/06)

The underground basement of the Dry Bar seemed even more claustrophobic than usual on Saturday night as Daisy Goes Green took to the stage bringing a large contingent of loyal followers up from Stockport to cheer them on.

Some hitches with the sound desk held up the band’s start time, but this only served to make the assembled crowd all the more keen for the band to take the stage. The trio wasted no time in whipping up the crowd and blasted straight into their opening number, Inside Out.

The immediate thing that struck was how absolutely tight the bass and the drums are. Rob and Will Robinson clearly have an unspoken and instinctive link that allows DDG to create beats and hypnotic rhythm that act as a tractor beam pulling you in. Will was a tour de force on drums. He never dropped his frenetic pace once and by the end of the set and their crowd pleaser Scally, I was amazed that the man was still alive.

The same energy that sustained Will’s manic drumming also ensured the audience were thoroughly wrapped up in the experience. Demonstrating an impressive range musically and vocally, Rick Bevan’s vocals went from an angelic chorus to howling rock frontman in a moment. Meshing with the backing vocals brilliantly, the resulting harmonies complemented their melodic sound and created a wall of thunderous sound with ease.

Daisy Goes Green seem anything but 'green' and presented themselves as a force to be reckoned with. They certainly whipped up a hurricane in a teacup and it was both exciting and a bit of a shame to see them squeezed into a small venue when their big sound deserves a much larger playing field.