Review: The Chase, Academy 3, 2006

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The Chase at Academy 3 Colin Warhurst (gig: 01/09/06)

The Chase have been on a bit of a break from the live music scene in recent months despite releasing an EP only a few months ago. However, the reasons for taking some time out became apparent when they took to the stage on Friday night.

It was like watching a brand new band - The Chase v2.0 if you will. With an almost completely new set list, The Chase exploded onto the stage and continued their frantic pace throughout the entire set, not once stopping to let the assembled fans, both old and new, catch their collective breath.

Despite only playing two 'old' songs, including fan favourite Melango, the band still managed to capture the crowd’s attention with their usual brand of infectious pop/rock lyrics and take it or leave it in-your-face rhythm.

However, the Chase are moving in new directions. Shamrock is a perfect example of the tried and tested Chase formula for craftily creating a memorable chorus and sing-a-long shanty but now coupled with wandering guitar twangs that Neil Young would be proud of. Another new song, The Train quite simply did what it’s title implied; colliding with us at 100 mph and taking us on three minute musical express from Manchester to Woodstock. Leonard Ross’ lead guitar remains as brilliantly unpredictable as ever; he’s a hero to everyone who has their own air guitar; whether they admit to playing one or not.

Despite the full on set, The Chase did seem to have a sombre mood about them, but maybe it’s because now they mean business. Their concentration, what can only be presumed to be a ‘no nonsense’ attitude, and the way they seem to be taking things ‘seriously’ now is not to be confused with pretentious moodiness. Things are no longer being taken for granted, they put on a show that seemed designed to not only showcase their latest musical offerings, but to also demonstrate that their fans’ long term loyalty is paying off.