The Chase - "The Train"

The Chase "The Train" - Music Video

Directed by Colin Warhurst
Music Copyright - The Chase 2007
Video Copyright - Siab Studios 2007

Directed and edited by Colin Warhurst

This video was shot on a Sony HVR-Z1E using the Cinefilm setting to achieve a filmic look. Using just a couple of lights, we managed to transform The Green Rooms in Stockport (incidentally, where The Doves filmed one of their music videos... Great minds and all that) into a gorgeously lit location for The Chase to do their thing in. The split screen idea came about by accident when at the last minute, I decided to change the song that was meant to be in the video, and swapped it for "The Train." As a result, only two takes of the vocals were available from the rushes, and so some creative thinking was employed to solve the problem. The solution actually made the video what it is, and I hope you enjoy it.