We need you! Please vote for “Going Out” in #four4horror competition

We need your twitter vote!

Film Four have announced their shortlisted horror films for this year’s “16 second and just four shots” competition; and "we" have a film in the final! My other half (actress Hazel Earle) and my bezzie mate Chris Lane have a film entry entitled “Going Out

Admittedly, I am biased, but as you can see, the film is short, to the point and in my mind is the perfect embodiment of a horror film. What Chris has done is take the essential ingredients of what a horror film is, and made the perfect 16 second “101” horror film. Please have a watch above and judge for yourself.

If Aliens landed from another planet, and you had to demonstrate a short epitome of the horror genre was, this would be the film to show them.
In my mind, it’s a clear winner for this reason. Sure there are some great entries this year with clever, twisty and unexpected turns, but the comp called for a 16 second, pure  horror film. Going Out delivers this exactly to spec. The prize is £1000 towards another film, and if you need proof that Chris Lane is n deserving of this prize, check out his Producer back catalogue of work here and here. The prize would make a huge different to his next film, as he has proven what he can do on low to no budget material; with a budget, this man would mean business!
If you are inclined to feel the same, enjoy the film, or would simply like to do myself, Hazel or Chris Lane a favour, we would love it if you voted for us by simply clicking HERE
Or of course you can compose your own tweet that contains “#votegoingout” and “#four4horror” and this link “bit.ly/14uRTMD