Crossed The Line (B-Side Video) - Black Lights, Music Video

This video is a "B-Side" video concept. You remember B-Sides, right?

This video is not the original video for the Black Lights track 'Crossed The Line' but this particular version was recorded at the end of that original shoot. And it is all done in ONE take...With just 5 minutes to go before we had to pack up and start leaving the venue, we decided to 'have a go' as one long shot. If you needed proof of just how good and how tight (literally) Black Lights are; this video is your proof. We had NO PA system, no way to monitor or synch the live sound. We had 5 minutes to rig all of the lights and plot the camera movements. We literally just opened all the doors, and had Josh (the drummer) play LOUD!
We had ONE chance to get this alternative video recorded. And you know what? We nailed it.
I hope you enjoy, and be sure to check out the original video if you like this one!

 - Col

Original Video - 'Crossed The Line' Black Lights

The lead track off our EP of the same name - released on Monday 29th July on False Idol Records.

Directed by Colin Warhurst
Filmed on location at Eve Studios -