Brazil Or Bust (World Cup 2014) - Music Video

Twitter does indeed work. These guys got in touch via twitter to ask about making a World Cup 2014 music video...

Writer/Producer Jason Brierly, along with the band 'The X England Managers'  recorded this song from scratch (though the tune is familiar...) and put together an absolutely insanely busy shoot. You'll see when you watch the video just how much is going on, and I must say, this was perhaps the most challenging shoot to date purely for time constraints!

We were hired to create this over at - and the project is an Unofficial England Anthem in celebration of our team making it into the Brazil 2014 World Cup.

Jason did a sterling job, pulling all of this together at fairly short notice, and managing to produce all of the cast and props required to make this script happen. As Director and Editor for hire, I have to admit this was an ambitious task on paper when I first read the script, but Jason had the belief and co-operation of so many people who caught his (infectious) enthusiasm. The spirit of this video is one of 'let's do it' and I can't think of a much better ethos to have going into this, or any, World Cup.

I have to give a special shout out to Chris Lane and Leo Worne who provided camera crewing duties for me on this Mission. Sterling footage from them both; could not have got this in the bag without them.

Jason and the band are hoping that this can go viral in time for the World Cup. With previous music video's that we have done for Black Lights going way an astonishing 15,000 hits... Well, I aim high these days! If you can help us out with a plug, share or retweet, you'd be doing it not just for us, but also for ENGERLUND.

I hope you enjoy the video, even if you don't immediately get all of the football references; I certainly didn't!