War Machine (Redux) - Black Lights

This is a version of an earlier music video from this year, that I have colour graded in a slightly different style.
The original version of this music video was done in a black and white style with some heavy aged film effects added to it. This is because the archive "war" material in the video cam from creative common sources at very low resolution. The encoding done on the archive clips is pretty severe in places and so the heavy damaged film effects helped to mask this somewhat.

At the time of the original, I was experimenting with various colour grades, but the deadline for the music video saw the black and white version winning out. This new colour grade was slightly more complicated and wasn't ready in time... But it always stayed with me, and now I've gotten to scratch that itch! I like the cool blue tones that came out in the studio shot material, and so tried to bring out the same in the archive material where possible.

I think this version better reveals the detail in the original footage of the band that we recorded, and the film effects are much more subtle than in the first version. I do love experimenting with different grades and seeing just how far in different directions a particular piece of original footage can be pushed.

This is another belting track from Black Lights, and I hope both the visuals and the audio give you food for thought as well as an awesome tune for your ear wax to enjoy.