Optimus Prime & I : 2015 Reunion

Optimus Prime and I are old acquaintances. We hung out once or twice and did a photoshoot a few years back after we'd successfully shut down a local Decepticon incursion in Greater Manchester. (Constructicons no less!)

It turns out Optimus is back in this neck of the woods, patrolling key Earth locations for potential Decepticon activity in the event of the New Years Eve celebrations of 2015; the ten year anniversary since the devastating attack which took place on Earth's Autobot City back in 2005...

Thankfully, there is still zero Decepticon activity on the radar since that fateful year; our collective vigilance and the brave sacrifices made by those fallen Autobots have not been in vain.

Despite the serious nature of his visit, Optimus and I did have time to briefly reminisce on better times, and to stage a few publicity photographs for the local media. The fictional 21st Century Transformers Movies may have terrible plots (unlike the original 1986 prototype) but they have served to increase the assumption by the general populace that Cybertronians are purely fictional and are not, in fact, More Than Meets The Eye... Publicity photos only help foster this cover story, and are the least I could do.

Between snaps and sharing Intel, I managed to get in a few slight digs about Optimus' latest flame paint job due to the adoption of the fictional "Michael Bay Version" of his alt-mode in order to help better facilitate his latest cover story for being here. In return, he noticed that "my abdominal armour section has increased in girth somewhat and has gained additional kibble somewhat since our last meeting." A precise and fair observation!

A short meeting, mostly business, but we still found time to chew the fat/nucleon before duty called us back. Until next time! Good seeing you Big-Bot.