An unexpected film update...


ONE: It seems our humble Sci-Fi film from waaay back in 2014 has been picking up notice, AGAIN, from a few Technology minded film festivals. As such I have submitted it to the London 'Zealous X' film festival, along with this year's entry 'Dead Man Switch.' -

TWO: It occurs to me that I did not update this blog with any details of the 'Dead Man Switch' at al! But yes, we did make a film even though there was only myself, Hazel Warhurst, SiĆ“n Roberts, Peter Garvey and Darren McGinn!) So, here it is! Please watch and say nice things to us on Vimeo, it all helps! -

THREE: I was contacted by some folks from a Japanese team gathering international films for translation and screening in the Far East. Naturally I think 'Tomorrow At Noon' would travel well, and so we've submitted it there as well! Well done everyone for making such an amazing short film that is standing the test of time, and saying so much about the world of tomorrow... Or is that the world of today? -!film-projects/c74d

Much love - let's see what NWA can do in 2016? - Captain Col xxx