We Just Keep Bubblin' Up - Aniff Akinola, Music Video

Earlier this year, our friends and previous collaborators at Black Arm music hooked us up with musical legend Aniff Akinola (of VooDoo Ray fame amongst many other things) to work on a music video with a twist...

Aniff had access to some archive footage from 1986; specifically of the old 8411 Club in Manchester, featuring a club night of original Acid House music and the "Shufflin' Crew." The plan was to remix the archive footage to match with Aniff's tune "We Just Keep Bubblin' Up."

Scrolling through this historical footage and trying where possible to restore or enhance the quality of the video was a lot of work. As well as retiming and selecting the right shots to match with Aniff's tune, he also wanted to include lots of text to put this video in context. We came up with a graphical style that was a cross between old Ceefax and retro gaming graphics which lends itself well to the look, style and era of the original footage.

The end result is something which acts as a bouncing tune, documentary and visual treat all wrapped up in one. It was great to get stuck into some old skool footage and give it a fresh lick of paint!


This new track call 'We Just Keep Bubbling Up' has all the classic Aniff signs that super deep dark n dirty trademark spoken vocal but this track is as it says on the tin, is made for the shuffling crew . So has the obligatory big old school acid bouncing bass line and old Chip E 'Like This" vibe. Please don't forget that Aniff co wrote and produced the UK acid anthem that is "Voodo Ray" by A Guy Called Gerald that even the US pioneers hold in high regards as legendary. So he has royal acid house credentials he even name checks it. Aniff an outspoken lover of UK underground music for many years says there is a deep and meaningful story behind this track which in his own words he shall explain.

This track is a celebration of how l see music being 360' going back and reinventing itself so the shuffling craze/scene means a lot to me as l ended up in the music business because l loved dancing and to see 14 year olds shuffling or doing footwork as we used to say in 1985 is just brilliant. As any art form that can empower a shy bedroom teenager to post their shuffling moves on youtube is a great achievement.

I also wanted to name check some pioneers in Manchester and the North West and Midlands whom embraced acid house/garage right from the start in 1985 and l hope some people will go and find the real story of how house started in the UK with pioneering DJ's like Colin Curtis DJ Parrot Jonathan Rock City and the video accompanying the song is from Sept 1986.

Filmed in club 8411 Manchesters Moss Side Precinct feat Foot Patrol and Mike Shaft playing over 40mins of Acid House which was unearthed by no other than Greg Wilson and A Guy Called Gerald and stars 'wheres my keys wheres my phone' Mr Zippah Taffari