IFA 2016: BBC Blue Room Report

Below is a link to the first of what I hope are many longer pieces of writing that I create (or co-author) as part of my work at the BBC. The text below is an introduction to a technology trends report, that I wrote with Ahmed Razek, from IFA Berlin 2016.

Not sure what that is? All is explained in the below text, copied as it is found on the BBC Internet + Creativity blog. The link to the full report itself is also found at the bottom of the introductory text. I had a great time researching this report, and if Technology is your thing, then I am confident that you will enjoy reading it!

Original Article:

The BBC Blue Room allows staff and guests from local communities the opportunity to see and try out the best new technology for audiences to consume, create and interact with content. Colin Warhurst and Ahmed Razek from the Blue Room in Salford recently attended a major technology trade event and reports back on the new innovations on display.

The BBC Blue Room returned to the IFA (Europe’s largest Consumer Electronics & White Goods Trade Show) at the start of September, tasked with investigating the latest technology trends, and deducing what the potential impact the latest innovations will have on both broadcasters and audiences.

IFA takes place every year in Berlin, and is a fantastic opportunity to gather information and insight into what the major electronics manufacturers, and smaller innovative start-ups, envision will be important to consumers. As such, Ahmed Razek and myself were sent as Blue Room Technologists, tasked with fighting through the oxymorons and technobabble, in search of the real tech trends behind the noise.

After walking and talking our way through 29 halls worth of manufacturer exhibits and demos, we have put together a short report on what we think were the main take away themes from IFA for 2016. We invite you all to have a read of our report at the link below, and if you find it interesting, of course please feel free to share.