BBC 2LO Podcast: 2019 AI Conference Special

This month, I teamed up with BBC R&D's Bill Thompson to record one half of an episode of 2LO Rebooted, which is BBC Design + Engineering's Podcast used to talk about all things Technology, Audiences and Innovation.

The  BBC Blue Room is once again hosting its annual Technology and Society Conference, which unsurprisingly currently revolves around all things AI. To help shed some light on the topics that will feature in the conference, Bill sat down to record an interview with the new BBC Head of Technology Forecasting, Laura Ellis. Which meant that I interviewed my incredibly talented (and very hard to pin down) colleague, Ahmed Razek. He has been at the heart of a lot of the BBC's work positioning itself on the global stage for AI that works for societal good.

It was the first time that I sat in the 2LO Co-Captain's chair and became interviewer rather than interviewee. Luckily Ahmed was a willing test subject for this first foray, and we hope that it's both entertaining and informative!

BBC Blue Room Conference, 2019