IFA 2019: BBC Blue Room Report

The BBC Blue Room once again tasked us with reporting back on all the latest and greatest technology on show at IFA 2019, Europe’s largest consumer technology trade show. Whilst we saw a few advancements on the tech and themes we had uncovered at CES in January, it was the subtle shift in voice tech being further miniaturised that captured our imagination - the first real evidence of a world in which Voice will become ubiquitous.

Of course, there is a bit of downtime in the evening, and so James and I enjoyed a Pilsner or two in-between all the networking and gadgetry! Here’s a little video of our non-tech adventures, whilst the full BBC Blue Room technology report for IFA 2019 can be found at this link; www.blrm.io/ifa2019report


A Trip to Berlin from Colin Warhurst on Vimeo.