2014 was...

Starting to digitise the VHS and Hi8 video archive, breaking my arm, a pancake lens, a special effects laden music video for Black Lights, hacking my car radio, welcoming my niece Lily Emma to the world, an iMac fail then free upgrade, a crawl round Chester with Chris Lane and co, NEW YORK CITY (which included Lego Mini-Mes, Times Square Tomfoolery, Toys R Us Transformers shopping, Bars called Shakespeare, The Empire State Building, Flat Irons, Pale Tigers, Pie Faces, Pizzas, Cruises, Proposals, Face Timing, Hard Rocking, Star-Jumping, Squirreling, Shake-Shacking, Museum Exploring, Jekyll and Hiding, Paying Respects, Burger Mania, High Lining, Cake Shopping, Sandwich Eating, Thrift Shopping, Smorgasburging, Improvising, Burger Brekking, Art, Large meals in Little Italy, Hot Dogging, Transformer shopping, Not Sleeping Any More, Top of The Rocking, Conquering a Castle, Brooklyn Bridging, Ring Heists and Star Trekking with the USS Enterprise), North West Avengers assembling for a second time to make a new Sci-Fi film, a World Cup Music Video extravaganza, howdy Belfast, Friday Food Fights, John Bishop, Bank Holiday Hiking, Chris Lane's Garden Force, filming an Orchestra mid Doctor Who theme, Optimus Prime going psycho in Transformers Four (must be an imposter), a second Black Lights video for the year using archived War material, an Indie Film Premiere, a Wedding!, camping in Keswick, Go Aping, dream job with the BBC Blue Room, a beer festival error, Barcelona (including all the Jambon, Las Ramblas, all the Tapas, Gothic Quarter bars with a dog, Sagrada Familia, the best meat feast ever, Casa Mila, Basa Batlo, cocktails, Park Guell, picnics, beach Cervezas), Belfast Media Festival, another Wedding!, tripping in Virtual Reality, wedding planning, having three separate websites for blogging on different lines, an awesome New Years Party, and oh yeah, I still have all that VHS and Hi8 archive to digitise... But why rush when there is so much adventure to be had?

All in all, a proper year of adventure. For me, a real cathartic year where some of the struggles from 2013 were turned around. The oil tanker has been turned and the course has been set straight. There was the odd wobble, but as the songs says, with a little help from my friends, 2014 was a victorious, brilliant and fun year.

I hereby declare 2015 to be The Year of Optimism, changing the narrative for the better,  continuing the Transformation and taking part in the Adventure that lies ahead. See you there folks. xxx