No Good - Jamie McCool

Long time collaborators Black Arm music approached me to produce a music video for Jamie McCool - now turned solo artist after the (fantastic) Black Lights band decided to part amicably.

This video was a request to shoot entirely at Manchester's Music Box Studios, and it was an excuse for me to test my Sony A7S on its first full project. Previous to this, I had only used it for shooting my Honeymoon Travel's around Europe!

I mixed in some footage from a stabiliser, which was taken using an iPhone. There was a slight challenge to match the looks of the two devices, but we managed quite well.

In the end, the request was made for a Black and White version of the video, but I graded a colour version for myself, purely to test and experiment with the A7S Log colour profiles, and what it could achieve in the edit with some film 'looks' applied to it. I loved the final Kodak look it ended up with.

Fortunately for Jamie, but unfortunately for me, a record label found immediate interest in his solo work to date. However, this meant an immediate embargo on any current activity, including this video, until the record label, Jamie and Black Arm could begin their planning.

As such, this video is in the archive, and not officially released to see the light of day. I have put up an embed below though for those with the password...

I hope the screen-grabs from the video show the colours and vibe the video was going for. It was a fun shoot, a catchy tune, and I still hope I will be able to 'officially' release it one day!

No Good - Jamie McCool from Colin Warhurst on Vimeo.

No Good - Jamie McCool (Black & White Version) from Colin Warhurst on Vimeo.